Sunday, 11 November 2012

Life changing decisions - Example of South Africa

Future - how can you influence your future? How do you make decisions that, when you look back at it, you can say they have changed the course of your life and hence your future? How to make the RIGHT decisions? EVERY DECISION CAN BE THE RIGHT ONE - it depends on YOU!! While the decision to go to South Africa at the time seemed to be a very courageous and daring move, it was probably one of the most important and lasting decisions I ever took. All the plans I had for my life changed 180 degrees. It was an amazing experience in several regards. Being exposed to a totally different culture has opened up my eyes to many things in life. I learnt about how to priorotise in life and really focus on the aspects of life that are really important (family, friends, love etc.). It also taught me what it means to be really ‘open-minded’ about other cultures. It’s very easy for everybody to say that they are, but let me tell you that if it comes down to it, only very few really practice it. People there have taught me what it means to appreciate life and what it means to really enjoy life. The time also opened my eyes to the hardships many (actually most) people face in this world, that are far worse than anything the few privileged in the Western societies think are challenges.  Above all though it taught me that regardless of the danger of any context or situation, if you are willing to change your behaviour and ADAPT, no situation has to be any more precarious than living at home. Again, it is about how YOU act, interact and adapt in the context at the decision you took brought you. Your future is going to be entirely build around how you behave in the environment you put yourself through your decisions. 


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